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The sexual tension before Light kills L is painful




This got pretty intense. 

by 髭武将

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Anonymous: Hi! You could recommend me some lxlight fanfics? Thank you! :D


*screaming internally*

I will gladly do that, thank you.

Have you ever heard of “Light Likes Cock”? That’s my favorite fanfic EVER, and it never gets old for me. It’s so pornographic and well-written. Here’s a link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5046290/1/Light-Likes-Cock

Normally I would stop there, but there’s more.

Anything by halfpromise is great, but one of my favorites is A Cure For Love. It’s just like any Yotsuba arc classic plotline fanfic, but this one is so unique and I really like how Laura wrote L and Light’s relationship as something very twisted. Just like I thought their relationship should be: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6673293/1/A-Cure-for-Love

If you want something fluffier, check this list:

And a special mention goes to anything that Dotti55 has written so far. One of my favorite by hers is Into The Night because is her most suspenseful yet. The order of stories goes as follows: Something To Think About, Putting It All Together, Into The Night, Out of This World, and Obsessed. And she also has a boarding school AU called Metamorphosis which is very great so far.

And now for the angst:

Okay, I haven’t read them exactly, but, Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Anything by halfpromise, and Nights by FreezeDryedGorgeous (a.k.a. The Lovely Jaye) are excellent according to my friends, and I want you to read them, please!

And because I’m an attention whore, I’m recommending my Crack Fic, Nothing Like A Good Hand, which does have LxLight (wait until Chapter 4), but also includes LightxMisa and LightxTakada. Did I mention that Light screws everyone? Because he does. It only has two chapters so far and I promise to add chapter 3 soon!

Wow, that was long. I hope you enjoy any of these fics, Anon!

by enu

So adorable >^-^